Deep, deep in the south (in the near of Rocky Island) are the St. John’s Reefs. You will find here exciting drop offs. The wall of one of the reefs is overgrown with big gorgonias, the wall of the other reef is overgrown with all kinds of colorful soft corals. You will find here a lot of fish and in the blue you can see with a little bit luck “big fish” like Hammerhead, Grey sharks, Silvertip and White Tip Reef Sharks and Barracudas, Tunas and Mackerels. Sometimes even you can see Mantas and dolphins.

It is possible to reach St. John’s in one week, but you are going to sail a lot (mostly in the night) and the time is very short to dive at all the reefs in St. John’s. Because of the long distance, some groups decide to do a 10 or 13 days safari-cruise in combination with Abu Fendera.

Note: ABU FENDERA on request.

Abu Fendera: The main reef is around 6 km long and full with hard coral. In front of this reef, you can see some parts like a small reef or ergs which are 400 – 800 meters. You can go diving between the reefs. So, you can plan and make a lot of different dives there. In front of the reefs you will see a lot of ergs and there are the most beautiful soft corals. Also, you can see here a lot of fishes.