Deep, deep in the south (in the near of Rocky Island) are the St. John’s Reefs. Here you will find exciting drop-offs. The wall of one of the reefs is overgrown with big gorgonians; the wall of the other reef is overgrown with all kinds of colorful soft corals. You will find here a lot of fish and in the blue you can see with a little bit luck “big fish” like Hammerhead, Grey Sharks, Silver Tip and White Tip Reef Sharks and Barracudas, Tunas and Mackerels. Sometimes even you can see Mantas and dolphins. It is possible to reach St. John’s in one week, but you are going to sail a lot (mostly in the night) and the time is very short to dive at all the reefs in St. John’s.

Rocky Island is a mythical site that represents the diver’s dream. The fringing reef that circles the entire perimeter of the island drops steeply to an astonishing depth and the constant currents that flow all along the year favor the growth of all different kinds of life in a continuous struggle for a place on the reef. The walls are absolutely covered with the most beautiful soft corals ever found, as well as gorgonians, fans, sponges and black coral trees. Because of its isolated situation and the reduced dimensions of the reef wall, everything seems to concentrate on the surroundings of this small islet. Reef sharks, especially Grey and Silver Tips, you can watch in the blue and maybe Manta Rays, Sailfish and dolphins.

The Island of Zabargad is a superb dive spot. Here you can dive along walls, hover over drop offs or dive slowly in the shallow area, watching the fish and admire the coral garden. At the north side of Zabargad lays a name less wreck. The 70m long ship lies upside down in 24m depths. The whole stern section is nearly intact- stairs, rail, lings, davit and the bridge.

Because of the long distance, it is advisable to decide to do a 10 or 13 days safari-cruise.